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Gynecological surgery

Modern endoscopic methods allow to perform various gynecological surgeries with minimal intervention. As a rule, the recovery after such surgeries is rather fast and easy: a patient is to stay at hospital for about 24 hours, then the recovery may continue at home.

Types of surgical treatment in the “Mother and Child” clinic:

  • radio-wave treatment;
  • hysteroscopy;
  • laparoscopy.

Radio-wave treatment is a modern method of the treatment of the cervix, the advantage of which is that this surgery is as untraumatic as possible. Radio-wave treatment is used in gynecology for treating cervical ectropion, cicatricial cervical deformities, cervical leukoplakia, light or moderate cervical epithelial tissue dysplasia, vulval or perineal condylomata, vaginal cysts, cervical canal polypuses and other diseases.

Hysteroscopy is an examination and treatment method that allows to examine the uterine cavity paries with the help of endoscopic instruments. Hysteroscopy is performed in order to confirm or siprove the diagnosis of endometriosis, in cases of various endometrium pathologies, submucosal fibroids in uterine cavity, assumptions of uterine malformations, postmenopausal bleedings, infertility. This endoscopic treatment method allows to not only detect the problem, but also to eliminate it.

Laparoscopy is an examination of the abdominal cavity organs with the help of an endoscope with the purpose of diagnosing and performing therapeutic surgical interventions. Just like hysterocopy, laparoscopy can be diagnostic or surgical. Diagnostic laparoscopy allows to visually evaluate the state of internal organs, and the surgical one makes it possible to perform an attenuated form of manipulation.

We treat the following pathologies and diseases with the help of the endoscopic methods:

  • pathologies of appendages of internal reproductive organs (ectopic pregnancy, hydrosalpinx, polycystic ovary syndrome, cystic ovaries and ovarian cystomas (tumors), benign tumors of ovaries);
  • uterine pathologies (adenomyosis, uterine fibroid, endometrial polyp, Asherman’s syndrome);
  • cervical pathologies (cervical ectropion, cicatricial cervical deformities, cervical epithelial tissue dysplasia, vulval or perineal condylomata, vaginal cysts, cervical canal polypuses);
  • endometriosis, tubal or peritoneal infertility;
  • internal reproductive organs maldevelopments.

Professional help under safe conditions

The “Mother and Child” clinic has everything for a successful surgery: professional specialists, modern equipment and safe conditions in the operating room. The surgeries are performed by the leading specialists in the area of endoscopic gynecology who have a vast experience of performing hysteroscopies and laparoscopies of any degree of complexity. All our operating rooms are equipped with high-quality hysteroscopic and laparoscopic stands, ultrasonographical scanners, special ventilation systems.

Comfortable and quick recovery

During your stay at the in-patient department of the “Mother and Child” clinic the medical personnel will try to pay as much attention to you as possible. After a minimally invasive surgery, only several hours (24 hours tops) of stay at our clinic will be enough, then the recovery may continue at home.

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