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Pregnancy is a special state of a woman, when, beside great happiness of expecting a baby, she also feels great responsibility for the health of now two people. That is because of the fact that in the course of her pregnancy, the foundation for the health of the future child is created. Your health, mood and, to a large extent, the gestation course and the state of your future child, will directly depend upon whether you follow certain rules and professional recommendations and are attentive to yourself.

Under close care

When you get registered in the “Mother and Child” clinic, you shouldn’t worry of your state of health any more, as you and your future child will be under the close care of the best professionals. We have developed a complex program of prenatal care which includes consultations with an obstetrician-gynecologist, all the necessary clinical and biochemical analyses, genetic tests, ECG, ultrasonic diagnosis, prenatal screening of a fetus, as well as consultations of other doctors (a physician, an oculist, an endocrinologist and a psychologist).

Phases of prenatal care programs

We recommend future moms to come to our clinic for the first time in the period of the 7th to the 12th week of pregnancy. At your first visit, you will meet the doctor and share your feelings with him or her. The doctor will examine you, carry out the ultrasonic diagnosis and administer laboratory tests. In the period of the 12th to the 28th week of pregnancy you will need to come to the clinic once a month. Starting from the 28th week of pregnancy, you will need to visit the doctor more often – twice a month, and once a week after the 36th week. Every visit includes the evaluation of your health and the state of the fetus based on the results of the examination, ultrasonic diagnosis and laboratory tests necessary for the given pregnancy phase.

The program includes:

  • consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • all the necessary clinical and biochemical analyses;
  • prenatal screening of the fetus;
  • ECG;
  • ultrasonic diagnosis;
  • consultation of specialist doctors (a physician, an oculist, an endocrinologist and a psychologist).

Pregnancy as a result of IVF

The pregnancy that started a result of IVF needs special attention and control. Sometimes the pregnancies of women who have underwent infertility treatments occur with various difficulties, and that is why they are considered to be in a group of high risk of carrying. Our clinics have the professionals with a vast experience of prenatal care in the cases of using assisted reproductive technologies. Trust the obstetricians-gynecologists of the “Mother and Child” clinic, as you have entrusted our fertility specialists with a delicate question of conception of your baby!

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