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Oocytes donation

Oocyte donorship

It is not infrequent when a woman’s own oocytes are deficient or there is a risk of transmitting hereditary diseases to a child. In such cases we recommend using donor oocytes. The donation program can also be recommended to the couples whose attempts at in vitro fertilization haven’t been successful.

How does this happen?

The donor’s ovaries are stimulated under a close control of a doctor. When the follicles grow enough, the oocytes are withdrawn from her. Then the oocytes are fertilized with your husband’s sperm, and the embryos thus received are transferred to your uterus. The remaining embryos are cryopreserved.

Who can become a donor?

Choosing a donor is a very serious and important step. In order to become an oocyte donor, a woman’s age is to be from 20 to 30, and she need to have one or several healthy children. She mustn’t have any bad habits, as well as chronic or genetic diseases. We examine the donor thoroughly, assess her general state of health, examine her for hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HIV-infection, sexually transmitted infections, draw up her endocrine profile. If everything is within the norm with the female donor, she is then to have consultations with a geneticist, a physician and a psychologist.

The donorship program is anonymous. The couple we select the donor for cannot see her. The exception for this can only be the case when the donors are the couple’s relatives or friends. The fertility specialist will help you select a donor who is similar to your prototypical characters. We guarantee that no one will know of the donorship cells program, except for you, your fertility specialist and your embryologist. This information is confidential.

The efficiency of donorship programs

Thanks to the fact that oocyte donors are young healthy women under 35 years old, the IVF programs that use donor oocytes are much more efficient than regular IVF programs.

In some cases, the oocyte donation program is the only way to conceive a long-anticipated child. Although sometimes it is very hard to decide for the use of the IVF program with the use of donor oocytes, the feeling of life conceived under one’s heart compensate all the worries.

The oocyte donation program includes:

  • the IVF program;
  • stimulation of the donor’s ovaries;
  • medical products for the donor’s stimulation;
  • puncturing the donor’s follicles.
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