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Pregnancy planning

Pregnancy planning

Pregnancy is a special state of a woman, which should be substantially got prepared for.  The more healthy are the future parents before the conception, the higher the possibility that the pregnancy is going to be normal, and a healthy child is going to be born.

After you have decided to become parents, you need to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist and a physician first. At the first consultation, our specialist will examine you, give directions as to the necessary analyses and recommendations as to the planning of you pregnancy. Even if you think that you are perfectly healthy, you shouldn’t neglect a visit to a gynecologist. It’s important to be taken into consideration that preparations for the conception are necessary not only for women, but for men, too.

In the process of examination you may be diagnosed with infections or chronic diseases you have probably had no idea about. Some diseases have no symptoms, but, if you are not healed of them, they may affect the health of your future child.

Preparations of the future mom

Before the pregnancy, it is necessary not only to be examined and consult the specialists, but also to pay attention for your way of life:

  • get rid of bad habits;
  • limit your consumption of coffee and black tea;
  • exclude products containing preservatives, coloring agents and other harmful components from your diet;
  • try to take baths less and limit your visits to Russian or Finnish baths.

If you take any medications, you need to consult a specialist on whether they may affect the health of a fetus. Some medical products are strongly contraindicated for the pregnant, and they are to be canceled or replaced with safer ones. Doctors recommend to start taking vitamins with folic acid a few months before the planned conception, it would be also advisable to undergo a preventive examination at the dentist’s.

If you are over 35

Women over 35 are more likely to have the risk of giving birth to a child with genetic abnormalities. That is why we recommend women over 35, beside the standard list of examinations and analyses, to take an additional genetic examination before the conception and carrying of her first child. Consultation of a geneticist is especially important if there have already been hereditary diseases in your family.

Older future moms have health complications during pregnancy more often than young ones.  That is why we advise you to approach the matter of your maternity with all due responsibility.

To future dads

The success of conception and the health of a future child depend much on the man. The first doctor a future dad should consult is a urologist. The doctor will examine you and give directions for further examinations in order to detect or rule out the possibility of various “masculine” diseases and genital infections, as well as administer the spermogram. The spermogram will give a clear picture of concentration, number, mobility and structure of spermatozoa. It allows to make conclusions on the man’s fertility.

We also recommend future fathers to consult a physician and undergo common clinical urine and blood analyses. The results of these examinations will make it possible to make sure they don’t have any serious diseases or exacerbations of various chronic inflammatory processes. Some diseases are hereditary and may affect the health of a future child. If either you or your relatives have hereditary diseases, we strongly recommend you to consult a geneticist before the conception.

The professionals of the “Mother and Child” clinic will help you to prepare for your pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child in the most effective way.

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