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Mother and child (Kyiv, Makeevskaya, 8)

Mother and child (Kyiv, Makeevskaya, 8)

The clinic which is located on the right bank of the Dnieper in Kiev is specialized in endocrinological and genetic research, oocyte donation and surrogacy programs, as well as in preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Doctors with a very high level of qualification, who have wide experience in assisted reproductive technologies, work here.

The experience of the right-bank “Mother and Child” clinic:

— infertility treatment, assisted reproductive technologies;
— preimplantation genetic diagnosis;
— prenatal care, prenatal diagnostics;
— outpatient gynecology;
— endoscopic gynecology (hysteroscopy);
— laboratory diagnostics;
— psychological support;
— school for future parents.

   The area of the right-bank clinic is 670 sq. meters, over 50 professionals work here. The clinic is equipped with 4 ultrasonographic scanners, it has 2 operating rooms and an embryologic laboratory

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