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Infertility treatment

Infertility treatment

The infertility problem is urgent not only in Ukraine, but throughout the whole world. According to the statistics, every fifth married couple has infertility problems. More than 50 million pairs of childbearing age have the need for the use of the assisted reproductive technologies methods. Unfortunately, this number increases with each year.

If, within the period of 12 months of regular sex life without contraception you don’t get pregnant, we recommend you to turn to a specialist and undergo examinations. Female patients over 35 years old should consult with a specialist after 6 months of unsuccessful efforts of getting pregnant. The sooner the fertility specialist finds out the cause of conception inability, the higher the chances of the long-expected pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

Forms of infertility

There are feminine and masculine infertility factors. It is often the case that when there are difficulties with child conception, the woman gets the blame unfairly. However, in about 46 to 48% of couples, the cause of inability to get pregnant is masculine infertility. That is why our specialists recommend to start the search for the causes of infertility with the examination of a man.

In about 52 to 54% of couples, the cause of inability to get pregnant is a feminine factor. And, in about 30% of couples, both partners gave disorders of reproductive function.

What is the cause of failure to get pregnant?

The World Health Organization lists 22 causes of feminine infertility and 18 causes of masculine infertility. Women can have this problem because of ovulatory failures, absence or obstruction of fallopian tubes, uterus benign tumors, inflammatory diseases of female genital organs as a consequence of infections or incorrect abortions, various metabolical disorders (obesity, insular diabetes, thyroid gland dysfunction, etc.) as well as age.

The reasons behind masculine infertility can be hormonal or genetic disorders, obstruction of seminal ducts as a consequence of sexually transmitted acute and chronic infections, etc.

Temporary infertility

Infertility is not a sentence, but only a temporary inability to conceive a child. Don’t be desperate! Because this problem may be solved in the majority of cases. In recent years, the infertility treatment technologies have been developing so fast that they can help even in the most difficult cases. But every couple has its own individual way towards the desirable result. We would like to support you on this way! We will make sure that you feel quiet and comfortable in our clinics, and that you get professional help and consultations.

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