IVF Group Surrogacy Services consists of devoted and highly qualified specialists in the field of assisted reproduction technologies who are fluent in multiple foreign languages. Our medical and legal experience in the area of surrogacy, as well as our multilingualism effectively serve as a link between Intended Parents and a team of professional andrologists, fertility specialists and embryologists.

Below please find the most frequently asked questions that you may have in connection to the surrogate motherhood, medical and legal aspects in Ukraine
Why should I use the services of IVF Group Surrogacy Services?

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services is a professional agency that has been specializing in thorough search of potential candidates for surrogacy in Ukraine for more than a decade. 

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services has a lengthy experience of providing a full range of logistics services to intended parents from throughout the world. 

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services through the Network of Reproductive Centers “Mother and Child” is closely cooperating with top-notch fertility specialists, gynecologists and obstetricians and serves as a reliable link between you and prominent physicians with successful experience in surrogacy procedures for intended parents that come to Ukraine from more than 25 countries worldwide.

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services employs a group of specialists in the field of surrogacy, who are fluent in multiple foreign languages and are fully capable of providing you with professional linguistic assistance during your trip and stay in Ukraine. 

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services incorporates the legal department with highly experienced domestic and foreign lawyers that possess all necessary knowledge and skills to provide full legal support for making sure that the rights of your newborn child and the rights of intended parents are transboundary protected.

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services utilizes the proficiency of its social workers to arrange personal private meetings with a potential surrogate mother to ensure psychological, physical and emotional compatibility. 

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services helps intended parents to find a surrogate mother by filling out a phenotypic card that may include the desired physical characteristics and intellectual capabilities.

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services provides intended parents with housing and a professional guide during their visit to Ukraine. 

➢ IVF Group Surrogacy Services remains in constant contact with a surrogate mother and takes all necessary steps to ensure a full compliance with and faithful implementation of all the provisions of the Agreement between a surrogate mother and intended parents.

Is commercial surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Yes. Since the early 2000s the surrogacy process along with sperm/egg donation has been absolutely legitimate in Ukraine. The Law of Ukraine clearly states that a surrogate mother or a donor has no parental rights whatsoever over the child and prospective parents are the only persons who have the natural parental rights.

Ukrainian Surrogacy Law is exceedingly lenient towards the intended parents and thoroughly supports their rights for reproductive procedures. Pursuant to Surrogacy Law of Ukraine you are free to choose between gestational surrogacy, oocytes/sperm donation and embryo adoptions procedures. It is to note that prior to commencement of the surrogacy program a written informed consent of all parties involved in the aforesaid process is a must.

The birth certificate of a child will contain the names of intended parents. One of the main points is that a surrogate mother has no legal rights to keep a newborn child and her name shall not be indicated in the birth certificate.      

Please be further advised that only legally married heterosexual couples are entitled to use the services of a surrogate mother in Ukraine. Same-sex marriage is not considered a lawful union in Ukraine, therefore gay/lesbian couples are not allowed to use the services of a surrogate mother. However, single women/men can use the full range of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine.  

What types of surrogacy are permitted by law in Ukraine?

The following types of surrogacy arrangements are legal in Ukraine.

Gestational Surrogacy (GS):

In case the intended mother is not be able to carry a child to term, her egg and the intended father's sperm are used to create an embryo through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) that is implanted into and carried by a surrogate mother. This method implies that the child born is genetically related to its parents and a surrogate mother has no genetic relation.

Traditional Surrogacy (TS):

The procedure involves artificial insemination of a surrogate mother with the intended father's sperm via Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Home Insemination. These procedures imply that the child born is genetically related to its father and a surrogate mother.

Traditional Surrogacy & Donor Sperm (TS/DS):

This involves artificially inseminating a surrogate mother with donor sperm via IUI, IVF or home insemination. The child born using this method is genetically related to a sperm donor and a surrogate mother.

Gestational Surrogacy & Oocyte Donation (GS/ED):

If there is no intended mother or the intended mother is not capable of producing eggs, a surrogate mother carries the embryo developed from a donor egg that has been fertilized by sperm from the intended father. While using this method, the child born is genetically related to the intended father and a surrogate mother has no genetic relation.

Gestational Surrogacy & Donor Sperm (GS/DS):

If there is no intended father or the intended father is unable to produce sperm, the surrogate mother carries an embryo developed from the intended mother's egg (who is unable to carry a pregnancy herself) and donor sperm. Such technique implies that the child born is genetically related to the intended mother and the surrogate mother has no genetic relation.

Where do I begin to initiate the process of surrogacy via IVF Group Surrogacy Services?

➢ Please visit our at web-site at: www.ivf-international.com;

➢ Select the package of services you intend to use;

➢ Fill out the application by providing your contact information and a brief message concerning the services you require;

➢ Our specialist will contact you in a timely manner to collect all necessary information related to your request;

➢ After processing the provided information you will be informed of your further actions.

What types of service packages IVF Group Surrogacy Services offers and how much do they cost?

In total, IVF Group Surrogacy Services offers six packages that differ substantially based on your ultimate goal, health conditions and financial options. Namely, these are:

➢ IVF Standard (at an approximate cost - $6,635);

➢ IVF with Oocyte Donation ($8,985); 

➢ IVF Surrogacy with Frozen Embryo Transfer ($36,875);

➢ IVF Surrogacy Standard ($45,515);

➢ IVF Surrogacy with Oocyte Donation ($46,545);

➢ IVF Surrogacy Guaranteed ($59,315).

What payment plans for IVF Group Surrogacy Services packages are available to me?

The individual, flexible arrangements for making the payments are available at IVF Group Surrogacy Services. Generally, there are six installment payments required to be made, the amount of which depend on the type of services rendered to an individual. For more detailed information, please click on selected type of package to see the itemized list of prices for each specific service.

How can I be certain that the medical services rendered to me and a surrogate mother are on a par with international standards?

The Network of Reproductive Centers “Mother and Child” has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with internationally recognized as the world’s leading quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 that has been implemented by over one million organizations in over 170 countries globally.

Can I be sure that my child will be able to come back with me to my home country?

Once the genetic relationship of the newborn child with one of its intended parents is established, the child is duly registered at the Vital Statistics Registry Office and the names of both intended parents are reflected in the Birth Certificate of the child, our attorneys are committed to facilitating the process of collecting all necessary instruments and forms for Ukrainian official agencies and foreign missions with a purpose of eventually obtaining a passport for a child that would allow him/her to leave Ukraine and enter the home country of his/her parents with no impediments. The length of the process differs depending on the country of intended parents’ origin.  

Can a surrogate claim any rights under or bring suit to enforce the term of the Surrogate Motherhood Agreement in order to keep a child?

Absolutely not. Pursuant to the Laws of Ukraine parental rights belong exclusively to spouses who have given their consent to the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

What are the medical grounds for use of the services of a surrogate mother in Ukraine?

Pursuant to the Ukrainian Law the medical grounds for using the services of a surrogate mother in Ukraine are:

➢ absence of the uterus (congenital or acquired);

➢ deformation of the uterine cavity or cervix in case of birth defects or as a result of diseases that make childbearing impossible;

➢ sinusitis of the uterine cavity that is not subject to therapy;

➢ severe somatic diseases as a result of which future health or life of the recipient may be endangered, but that do not affect the health of a future child;

➢ unsuccessful repeated attempts of IVF (4 and more) with the repeated receipt of donated embryos of high quality, the transfer of which did not lead to the onset of pregnancy.

A woman who is capable of bearing and giving birth to a child with no possible complications to her health is not allowed by law to use the services of a surrogate mother.



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