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Cryopreservation is a scientific method used by fertility clinics to freeze and unfreeze egg and sperm cells, blastocysts and embryos. This technique is widely used by the Network of Reproductive Medical Centers “Mother and Child” during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles.

Until recently many fertility institutes and centers were applying cryopreservation procedures with technology known as “slow freezing”. As of to date, this procedure within the Network of Reproductive Centers “Mother and Child” has been abandoned and replaced with an ultra-rapid and more sophisticated know-how called vitrification. Vitrification of human cells provides for a unique opportunity to maximize the possibility for conception during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and averts the loss of embryos. Cryopreservation is an excellent opportunity to have an embryo available immediately, in case if the first attempt of IVF was unsuccessful, if you have plans of having another child, but have no intentions to go through the sampling of embryonic stem cells once again and it is a significant breakthrough for couples, when one of the partners faces the risk of becoming infertile due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

The program

can only be performed if the patient has indications for surrogacy, that is medical evidence of one of the following diagnoses:

  • The absence
    of the uterus .
  • Deformation of the
    cavity or cervix.
  • Structural and morphological, or
    anatomical changes in the
    endometrium of the uterus
  • Diseases in which pregnancy
    and childbirth may endanger
    a woman's life
  • Complex somatic
  • 5 IVF

Surrogacy program

A surrogate mother must have excellent mental and physical health, be between 25-35 years old, be the natural mother of at least one child and not have ontraindications for pregnancy.

  • Selecting a
    Surrogate Mother
  • Synchronization cycle of biological mother (or donor) and recipient (surrogate mother)
  • Structural and morphological, or anatomical changes in the endometrium of the uterus
  • Transvaginal oocytes puncture and sperm collection from a biological father
  • Embryo Cultivation
    in-vitro fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer into
    the uterus of a surrogate mother

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