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The Network of Reproductive Medical Centers “Mother and Child” is rightly proud of a long-standing, permanent and successful cooperation with a group of board-certified reproductive surgeons that have greatly contributed to improving our corporate image and enhanced our credibility among prospective intended parents and our patients worldwide. Reproductive surgery is an essential part of the reproductive medical science today. Reproductive surgeons involve endocrinologists, urologists and gynecologists, who are accomplished and qualified healthcare practitioners in conventional types of treatment of reproductive systems in both females and males.

Surgical procedures often present the best results in achieving a successful fertilization and play an indispensable role in ensuring that a woman will eventually safely carry her pregnancy to full term. The mainstream of the current surgical procedures consists of minimally invasive and exceedingly effective intrusions that can be smoothly performed on an outpatient basis at our medical centers. Our board-certified reproductive surgeons have more than twenty years of experience in performing hysteroscopy procedures that are required to examine the uterine cavity with endoscope to safely remove discovered polyps, fibroids, scar tissue or uterine septum afterwards.

The Department of Surgery at the Network “Mother and Child” is widely recognized in Eastern Europe for medically necessary and reasonable introduction of clip appliers into a patient’s abdomen through disposable trocars, the procedure known as minimally invasive laparoscopy, to confirm endometriosis with the fertiloscope

and consequently apply proper treatment methods to effectively deal with female reproductive system problems. In addition, our physicians efficiently implement in practice laparotomy to surgically reconnect sealed fallopian tubes, egg retrieval, varicocelectomy, vasectomy reversal and epididymal aspiration (sperm retrieval).

The program

can only be performed if the patient has indications for surrogacy, that is medical evidence of one of the following diagnoses:

  • The absence
    of the uterus .
  • Deformation of the
    cavity or cervix.
  • Structural and morphological, or
    anatomical changes in the
    endometrium of the uterus
  • Diseases in which pregnancy
    and childbirth may endanger
    a woman's life
  • Complex somatic
  • 5 IVF

Surrogacy program

A surrogate mother must have excellent mental and physical health, be between 25-35 years old, be the natural mother of at least one child and not have ontraindications for pregnancy.

  • Selecting a
    Surrogate Mother
  • Synchronization cycle of biological mother (or donor) and recipient (surrogate mother)
  • Structural and morphological, or anatomical changes in the endometrium of the uterus
  • Transvaginal oocytes puncture and sperm collection from a biological father
  • Embryo Cultivation
    in-vitro fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer into
    the uterus of a surrogate mother

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