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The contemporary world we all live in has its own agenda and often we are not in a position to call the shots. It evolves rapidly and irreversibly and the global transformations have to be taken for granted. The existence of ethical, social, legal and cultural issues in a modern society creates moral dilemmas whether to accept the surrogacy institution as an essential part of the advanced state of mankind.

Surrogacy - You may think that surrogacy is a relatively new process
You may think that surrogacy is a relatively new process

You may think that surrogacy is a relatively new process, however, it has been around for centuries. In plain terms, surrogacy is a process, frequently supported by a contract between private parties that generates mutual liabilities and obligations enforceable by law, by virtue of which a female gives her consent to get pregnant, carry a child to due term, and eventually give birth to a child or several children and all of this for different individual or individuals, who already are or eventually will become the rightful parent(s) of the newborn(s).

The Network of Reproductive Medical Centers “Mother and Child” (ISO 9001-2015 Certified) is one of the most renowned associations in Eastern Europe with unparalleled professional experience in successful practical implementation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and Infertility Treatments. IVF Group Surrogacy Services as an integral part of the aforesaid network teams up with the group of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM) and the Russian Association

of Human Reproduction (RAHR) Certified Fertility Specialists in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility to guarantee the intended parents from throughout the world the successful outcome of different Surrogacy Programs provided within the legal framework of Ukraine. IVF Group Surrogacy Services offers several Surrogacy Programs that are adequately adjusted by our medical and administration staff with the intention to comply with your health conditions, your country of origin legal regulations with regard to surrogacy procedures and your financial capacity.

What you need to know about surrogacy

About surrogacy

Surrogacy dates way back further into the past than you might ever think. Sometimes, surrogacy may seem as a modern-day miracle that became possible due to the advent of modern-day technologies, however, it can be tracked back to the pre-biblical times. The history of traditional and gestational surrogacy is full of monumental milestones, which eventually have shaped the phenomenon of surrogate motherhood as we know it nowadays. Less than forty years ago, woman’s inability to conceive or carry a child to full term almost would certainly mean that her ardent desire of enjoying the happiness of motherhood would remain an unattainable dream. Today’s world is divided into two seemingly irreconcilable and polarized camps with regard to the issue whether altruistic and gainful surrogacy should become an unalienated right of and the last option for every single female in the world to have a child of her own. The world-renowned think tanks have long been debating whether the current stage of mankind development is a right timing for implementing the institution of surrogacy worldwide and having it completely legalized globally. IVF Group Surrogacy Services is not that hesitant, as we have been helping childless couples with shattered hopes for over a decade in granting them happiness of parenthood and keep doing this up-to-date non-stop and we are positive that we will

The program

can only be performed if the patient has indications for surrogacy, that is medical evidence of one of the following diagnoses:

  • The absence
    of the uterus .
  • Deformation of the
    cavity or cervix.
  • Structural and morphological, or
    anatomical changes in the
    endometrium of the uterus
  • Diseases in which pregnancy
    and childbirth may endanger
    a woman's life
  • Complex somatic
  • 5 IVF

Surrogacy program

A surrogate mother must have excellent mental and physical health, be between 25-35 years old, be the natural mother of at least one child and not have ontraindications for pregnancy.

  • Selecting a
    Surrogate Mother
  • Synchronization cycle of biological mother (or donor) and recipient (surrogate mother)
  • Structural and morphological, or anatomical changes in the endometrium of the uterus
  • Transvaginal oocytes puncture and sperm collection from a biological father
  • Embryo Cultivation
    in-vitro fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer into
    the uterus of a surrogate mother

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