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When people start pondering about having fit and healthy children, the first thing that comes to mind is a prominent role of a woman in the entire child birth process. However, the contribution of a man is also critical and male fertility is crucial for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. The Network of Reproductive Medical Centers “Mother and Child” consciously hires only immensely competent urologists and andrologists to deal with medical conditions that affect male fertility and male reproductive system.


The Network of Reproductive Medical Centers “Mother and Child” has a group of urologists with a longstanding expert background in treating disorders and diseases of the renal system and suprarenal endocrine glands in both females and males. Urologists are multi-field and cross-functional specialists who possess all required skills and knowledge to handle female health conditions that affect bladder, urethra, ureter and kidneys, as well as to deal with male health problems that are related to the male reproductive system and prostate gland. Our urologists are also fully and properly trained to perform both non-surgical and surgical procedures that make them the multitasking specialists, who are capable of providing the full course of diagnostics and treatment to a particular patient without the necessity to adjust their approaches to other doctors’ tactics.


Andrologists at the medical centers “Mother and Child” are also urologists, although their main scope of functions is entirely connected with the treatment of health conditions that primarily affect male sexual activity and fertility. Andrologists are expressly trained to deal with men’s health care issues rather than practicing an extended format of urology.

This medical specialty encompasses the application of medical procedures and techniques to eliminate or minimize a negative impact of such conditions as cryptorchidism on male reproductive organs along with any other types of disorders or injuries that may affect men’s normal sexual functions and ability to procreate. In case, if a man’s reproductive ability is impaired, an andrologist collects motile sperm cells for in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures and, if necessary, performs a surgical intrusion for male permanent contraception or sterilization (vasectomy).

The program

can only be performed if the patient has indications for surrogacy, that is medical evidence of one of the following diagnoses:

  • The absence
    of the uterus .
  • Deformation of the
    cavity or cervix.
  • Structural and morphological, or
    anatomical changes in the
    endometrium of the uterus
  • Diseases in which pregnancy
    and childbirth may endanger
    a woman's life
  • Complex somatic
  • 5 IVF

Surrogacy program

A surrogate mother must have excellent mental and physical health, be between 25-35 years old, be the natural mother of at least one child and not have ontraindications for pregnancy.

  • Selecting a
    Surrogate Mother
  • Synchronization cycle of biological mother (or donor) and recipient (surrogate mother)
  • Structural and morphological, or anatomical changes in the endometrium of the uterus
  • Transvaginal oocytes puncture and sperm collection from a biological father
  • Embryo Cultivation
    in-vitro fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer into
    the uterus of a surrogate mother

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